The Tremiti Islands

About 12 miles off the coast of Gargano are the Tremiti Islands, which are defined by their charming and unspoilt beauty "Pearls of the Adriatic". The crystal clear waters of the Tremiti each year attract thousands of tourists. The only St. Nicholas is the historical, religious and administrative archipelago, for the numerous traces of an ancient and glorious past, it is considered an open air museum. The island of San Domino is largely covered by forests of Aleppo pine, fertility and spontaneity of flowers of every color, was called by the Benedictine Monks' Garden of Paradise. "The waters are clear, the coast is indented with coves, headlands and cliffs. The Tremiti Islands are accessible by sea from Rhodes, Peschici, Vieste. 
Trips to the Tremiti Islands Vieste Gargano