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The Foresta Umbra

The Foresta Umbra

In the heart of the Gargano area , 10,426 hectares extends for over the Foresta Umbra . To some, the name " Umbra " derives from the ancient Umbrian populations that inhabited the ancient forest , for others , the name derives simply from the thick blanket of vegetation that creates many areas of shade ! It is the green lung of the Gargano National Park . The forest is age-old and , in spite of deforestation and fires that have taken place over the centuries, has preserved almost entirely her mantle of vegetation . The Umbra Forest is crossed by 14 footpaths made ​​by the State Forestry Corps , all easily walkable . At the beginning of every path there are wooden tables that list the name of the place of departure and destination and the travel time (round trip ) . In addition, each trail is marked with yellow bands on the trunks of trees such as delimitation of the track, in order not to get lost as Little Red Riding Hood in the woods ! For sports you can also rent a mountain bike for a tour even more exciting.
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